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We are a staking operation focused on providing sustainable and responsible investment opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in decentralized systems and blockchain technology.

We are dedicated to providing our delegators with the most reliable and profitable staking opportunities, while also taking into account the environmental impact of our operations.

GORDO Plump your wallet but never forget the Greens!

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pangea-2019 | mainnet at block #3359442

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GROW with gordo

Join the vibrant community of Gordo delegators and maximize your rewards. You’ll earn rewards while also having the opportunity to be a part of the future development of exclusive digital assets.

Please note that NFTs are currently in development and may not be available immediately. But as a staker on the Gordo node, you’ll be at the forefront of the development process and have the opportunity to be among the first to access these unique assets.

So why wait? Staking on Gordo node is your chance to earn rewards, support the growth of innovative digital assets, and be a part of a thriving community. Make your move now.

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