How to stake with Gordo

How to Stake with Gordo on the Harmony network is a process that allows you to earn rewards for supporting the network by holding your Harmony ONE.

Currently, a minimum of 100 ONEs is required to delegate. Therefore, you need to have at least 101 ONEs. One ONE should be kept in the wallet to pay the fees for network transactions such as making a withdrawal or claiming rewards.

  1. Purchase Harmony $ONE: First, you will need to purchase ONE on a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance.
  2. Send the tokens to your MetaMask wallet. To withdraw from Binance you may need to know your 1one address. Go to and paste your Metamask address in the search box. Now you can switch between your Address Format, ONE and ETH.

When using new crypto wallets, it is always better to first send a test transaction with few coins for the purpose of testing. This way, you can verify that the wallet address and network are correct, and that the transaction will be processed successfully. A test transaction can also help you avoid losing large amounts of money due to human error or technical issues. Therefore, before sending any significant amount of crypto to a new wallet, make sure to do a small test transaction first.

Add Harmony to MetaMask:

In order to interact with the Harmony network, you will need to add the Harmony network to your MetaMask wallet.

Network Name:


Chain ID:

Block Explorer URL:

Harmony Mainnet



4. Now you are ready to stake with Gordo!

  • Go to and login with your Metamask.
  • Go to “Validators” and search for Gordo.
  • Use the button “Delegate”, choose the amount of tokens you want to delegate (minimum: 100 ONE)
  • Confirm the delegation: Review the details of the delegation and confirm the transaction. Make sure to leave at least 1 $ONE token in your MetaMask wallet to cover the transaction fees.
  • Wait for confirmation: Once the transaction is confirmed, your tokens will be delegated and you will start earning rewards. You can check the status of your delegation on the “Portfolio” menu.

When you undelegate, there is a 7 epoch period, which in the case of Harmony protocol is approximately 6 days. During this time, it is possible to redelegate the funds to another validator.


Congratulations and welcome to the community! Feel free to contact us!

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